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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 29, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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that is disrespectful. throwing billion over the center field wall before being yanked from the game. he apologized there's no crying in baseball. or there are no tantrums in baseball either. >> i like the passion, though, we have to go. see you flairt. later. straight to a fox news alert horror as a food festival ends in murder. a gunman opening fire seemingly at random. oh, my god they were shooting at least three dead and 15 others hurt gunman killed by police. police say one that died was a six-year-old little boy live at the scene in gilroy, california i brought for the second possible is ramping up. good morning, claudia. >> yeah good morning guys that's right a man hunts for a possible
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accomplice we're starting to hear from some of the survivors of yesterday's amass shooting and what we are hearing is only described as absolute chaos and when you see these pictures you can really understand why they would describe it that way. thousands of people including a lot of kids were enjoy the final day of the annual gilroy festival when witnesses say a man with a rifle opened fire stock ised to reload fired again some say they heard 50 shots fired people ran for liveses to escape gunfire according to one eyewitness shootser described as aal all thin young man wearing camouflage appeared calm as he fired at random. >> he had semi-automatic like a ak -- a long rifle. >> so he was tiebl shoot off three, four shots effective. police killed the suspect in less than a minute according to
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one eye whns someone asked why he was shooting he shot about being angry and there are million detect percent at entrances but he broke in by cutting through a back fence and getting into the venue area that way. police have not released any information about the victims nor have they identified parking lot gunman or discussed any possible motive. back to you in new york for now. >> tell us a little bit about the security because i was reading this morning in l.a. times apparently the security was described as weak in some instances where they did check some bags, did not check other it is they may have been metal detecter something like that. >> there are medical detecters people are supposed to pass through. people also have wands in some cases and their bags are checked. some witnesses talk about going through and they weren't checked as closely as they perhaps had
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been in past years. but there is security in effect and you heard the police chief say there were many, many offices patrolling parking lot area. they've had trouble at this festival in the past. with with biker gangses thingses like that so there's a very heavy security at this garlic festival but, obviously, these gunman and his -- perhaps accomplice used a tool to cut through a back perimeter fence. we do know there was no fixed video surveillance cameras so police are asking people who may have taken video or pictures to call them because that could be critical photographic evidence in ongoing investigation. >> i imagine police can only do so much so when you have a festival out in the middle of the field. >> it is a soft target you're absolutely right and police can only do so much. but they try to make it as safe and secure as possible. this festival i can tell you has been going on for many, many
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decades it is popular it is a huge tour fist draws and important to this town. we heard executive director of the l festival share his heartbreak that this happened at such of a fun and family-friendly event. so this community is going to have to really think about how to step up security at this event moving forward following this tragedy. >> clawld ya where is gilroy what big city is it near? >> well if you're driving from jose or bay area down to carmel you are driving through gilroy. and , obviously, they grow a lot of garlic and other produce, and it's a agricultural rich preej of central california. but we have -- an area 80 miles south of san francisco and more towards central california. >> reporting live from -- california within clear at the county reported as garlic call
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toll of the world that's why they've been doing that go to hear that and hear music and -- she said she speculated someone cut through the fence you can't control for all of that. >> you can't and there was a kid who was there with his parents you go there for fun day afternoon fun with the family a little l music. >> all been there you think of the mentality in that mommy. guys on stage had to hide underneath stage playing their set, music. >> now they're looking for propose a accomplice so keep you posted on that in the meantime pete you have a busy weekend. president was -- he was out tweeting on saturday he tweeted about elijah cummings who last week was there at the house oversight committee and according to mick, the chief of staff, the president didn't like the fact that he was saying things regarded as lies during the hearing. mr. cummings was talking about kids sitting in their own feces and president disputed that
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said, and essentially mr. mulvaney said he hasn't been down to our southern border during this administration. so we "don't ask, don't don't kt he's talking about. >> you can't criticize at the border because what happens at the border is tweeted this out he said there's nothing racist in straight plainly what most people already know that elijah has done a terrible job about for people of his district and baltimore itself. jim played race card when they're unable to win with facts, shame. >> yeah and there's been, of course, the predictable uproar and also we spent over the weekend a lot of time looking at stents and getting some video from residents saying go to west baltimore. it is not in good shape furniturely when it is crime, trash, rat problems. and the president pointing out that if you're going to come after me if you're going to get in the mud and -- inpiewn my administration you better look in backyard as well and that's exactly what he's
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done over a series of tweets but guys reaction a bit predict frbl the left. : the president is a racist just watch. the president is racist. this is i don't beyond racism this is work of a serious sociopathic demagogue. he has a hate agenda and not a policy agenda. >> call it out for what it is racism there's a pattern here this guy is the big identity politician that he engages in what is known as priming. since then there have been a number of news articles that have pointed out wait a minute, people have criticized baltimore in the past, and it was not regarded as racist for it since -- here is bernie sanders, bernie sanders in elijah cummings district back in 2015 walk through it. yep, he said this about that area. >> anyone who walk the walk that we talk, we talk around this
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neighborhood. would not think you're in a wealthy nation, you would think that you were in a third world country. but we're talking about is a community in which half of the people don't have jobs. we're talking about limited it -- [applause] and which there are 100 buildings that are uninhabitable. >> panel outrage of president trump had used the praise like a third world country. which exactly what he said. you know, he went ton say bernie sanders, that poorest burrows in baltimore have life ban shorter than folks in north under north korean dictatorship schismly pointing out fact that democrats have failed inner cities whether it is health, website, sanitation, opportunities and you point out well why aren't you support of if you're elijah support of these economic opportunity stone ises? or vouchers or charter schools that lift people out of poverty? it is a pretty straightforward policy argument. but, of course, they always make
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it about race. >> president was wondering why is this money that our federal government has given to that area? so elijah spending this money on if area is not improving but barack obama also was in that area, and made some observation physician and in 2015, this was what he said at the white house when he was president he said some of the same organize percent now going back into these communities to try top clean up in the aftermath of a handful of criminalses and thugs who tore up the mace. >> and that is referring to the civil unrest in the rights in baltimore after the death of freddie gray. so what do you think about this let us know. friends of fox rush limbaugh joining later on the program to qaig in on those comments but you mention the border. it hasn't just been a debate about baltimore recently as far as thing on southern border a heck of week if you believe in border enforcement and willing to work with this president over his agenda but thongses have
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been happening anyway. incase you weren't paying attention. >> are you talking about president has been winning on several different fronts. >> different items. and for and since. the supreme court. 5-4 late night, fridays -- say that the president plan to use some military funding for our about 100 miles of border wall can go through. >> uh-huh. also this agreement with guatemala president of mexico met with the president of guatemala and said we are going to help you. we're going help you if you can -- claim asylum in the country in the next country you're in and we're going to try to prevent you from having to go all the way to the united states to declare asylum. >> you come to the united states, we're going sending you back to wait fore acclaim and then yesterday we reported on fact that mexico in honduras reefed an agreement where mexico hopes to help create up to 20,000 jobs remain to be seen exactly how that would happen. but -- coffeeers qowld say. think about you've got mexico
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putting national guard troops up to 20,000 in their country help to secure the border. now they're working with a -- with another country near them to help spur their economic development to prevent the incentives for migration but that third country status piece in honduras is incredibly important everyone is flowing through there if that's the place they ask for in the united states and wait there before they make the trek through mexico you could see -- a serious reduction in amount of people making that -- >> working with a president many mexico to create the jobs because he says why are people fleeing my area? he said because it is violent. so much violence, there's so much poverty i'm going to try to rebuild our government, try to create jobs for the people won't. the to leave. >> well keep in mind it was -- it was seems like months ago but it was just in the month of june that the president threatened tariffs against mexico unless they yes step up and started help out well they've stepped up and starting helping out and
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about kevin acting dhs secretary says you know what nusm people who are being preapgded apprehended is going down profoundly. back in may 6,450 people a day at that southern border now that number is about 2,000 so a significant drop and 20 plus percent in july so star due to two administration initiatives engaging our international partners in mexico and guatemala in particular, mexico is stepped up, and address security on their southern border between guatemala and transportation routs smugglers are using. >> you know go ahead. i was going to say a serious rawx but administration like to see it ultimately at zero no thanks to democrats ultimately without the willingness to take executive action the threaten tariffs. to commit to the border wall wait all the way for the supreme court decision. there would be this crisis would be grow even more. so here we are with a reduction
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it is early. also the summer. some of those numbers can affect that but a good sign in that -- >> i imagine sitting down with his team saying all congress wil not -- how do we go around them and fix this problem let's do the the best we can and did emergency fund for wall, the supreme court is now voting in his favor he's working with other countries. slapping tariffs on mexico, if they don't help, so he's ding a great job and -- many conservatives qowld say when it comes to the border. >>s and just keep in mind, that "gallup poll" that came out last week said that number one concerning issue for most americans is what's going on on our southern border indeed. all right so it is a busy monday and joins us today. hi carly begin with a trajing story is here a family is speaking out as a search for suspected cop killer testifies off-duty juan diaz murdered early saturday morning after confronting vandal.
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the fallen officer sister telling a crowd of mourners , quote, i just want to remind everyone that these people are putting their lives out there fors p us more than a badge. they're human beings. the suspect has not been identified. >> and investigation is underway after american teen accused of murdering italian police officer is blindfolded had is illegal under italian law. a commander claims it was done it keep gabriel christian from ming documents related to his investigation and 18 year old in classmates elder were on vacation in rome and police say they killed mario raga following a drug deal gone wrong. republican congressmen john radcliffe thanks for attacking him as next u.s. intenls director tweeting in part i'm deemly grateful to president trump for the opportunity to lead our nation intelligence community working on behalf of all of the public servants.
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radcliffe will replace dan coats who resigned his last day is august 15th. take a listen to this a mom buys out entire shoe store to help people in need. carey taking home nearly 1500 pairs of shoes from a payless that was closing in arkansas. didn't say how much he paid but she will give them to children in need as they head become to school next month. we love that story. those are your headlineses guys. >> that's neat and had kids with her. so true. ever thought about going into a store and buying whole thing. good for her. all right thanks carly. meanwhile second democratic debate one day away and focus is going to be on policy. >> tomorrow. we are breaking down ideas from some of the top con tenders, next. if your gums bleed when you brush,
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contenders joe bide and kamala harris take the stage on wednesday. they would details we've got rachel she's the policy director for the conservative partnership raven fell good morning to you. >> good morning really some of these policy ideas that they are coming out with are to shield them against what could be said on the debate stage over the next couple of nights, right? >> yeah that's right particularly joe biden is going to have to pols for the sin of being in the world too belong so a lot of its policies are designed to pre-emptively combat those criticisms. in particular he was involved in the 1994 crime bill which he's taken a lot of heat for. and so now he's come out with criminal justice plan that would among other things we've got them l over on big board reduce incarceration eliminate death penalty and mandatory minimum sentencing and eliminate discrepancies in sentences between powder and crack-cocaine as well as cash bail she's put out there so he
3:21 am
doesn't have another awkward moment as he it last time with kamala harris. >> but what i think is interesting about hissen plan in some of the details is that he is going to have to try hard to distinguish himself from what president trump is already doing. recall that it last year at the end of last year president trump and congress signed a criminal justice reform bill, and some of the provisions in joe's bill in particular reducing or eliminating long sentences for nonviolent drug offenders president trump is doing this and distinguish thims from the policy that president is complimenting they doangts call had him l sleep you joe for nothing so come up with a new answer. >> one of the other things that make him unique on debate floor smoas of the people there are for medicaid for all, where as you know, he has to support the affordable care act because that's part of his legacy.
3:22 am
that's rooght is goes after health care and expand policies that we know are failing. 1.4 million lost their health insurance had since 2016 joe biden answer is to say heylet do more of this when car is driving off a cliff, it is not the best policy idea to keep pushing and that's sort of where joe biden finds himself on health care. >> kamala harris has a water justice act. she was in michigan for the naacp convention last week i believe and not too far from flynt michigan where they have had terrible water problems in the past. so she's talking about investing in a lot of water. money into clean and safe drinking water programs, priority given to high risk community like flynt drinking water infrastructure and to community and schools for water is contaminated. that all sounds pretty good doesn't it? >> i would point out that programs existed before flingt water crisis none of them
3:23 am
prevented what happened and we know why now. we know that all of this was because of gross incomp tense at the city and state level. the tax force charge is investigating this put this blame squarely on water officials at the state level the governor office and city so how do programs solve anything when they couldn't in the first place and class pick tactic throws money at program that happens we know have failed. >> okay these are some of the policies that they're hoping will shield them from criticism but at the same time they have to say something on the debate stage all of them to stand out because -- the morning after the debate that's when, you know, the race to the the next debate goes and who is beginning to wind up with most buzz this time as kamala harris did last time? >> yeah i'm really forward to raise your hand moment that's when we see how far to the left this democrat party has swung, if you recall the last time around it was for open borders, every single one of them raise their hands. who wants to eliminate private medical insurance which goes
3:24 am
even further than systems in canada and united kingdom we saw a lot of hands raised for that including kamala harris who then tried to quack it back next day. trchg that's right. can i see the hands of people who would like that rachel joins us again tomorrow. well -- you're going to. because you're going to profile more candidates in particular beto o'rourke and elizabeth warren so we'll see you then. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> thank you very much rachel. all right meanwhile 6:24 here in new york city where police offices are under siege and now a former new york city police department chief is blawming the mace your and he wants action that former police chief is live, next. >> tech: at safelite autoglass, we really pride ourselves on making it easy for you
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police focusing on small town in rural canada where a volunteer group thinks they spotted the pair and landfill. and the set to become puerto rico next govan doesn't want the job. justice secretary wanda is next in line to replace ricardo he resign ised last week following major backlash over leak text messages he says asked to fix somebody else. we will keep you posted on that. right ainsly. >> thanks so much. new york city police now searching for all of the people behind the string is of the quarter bucket attacks on the officers. watch this. oh. oh [inaudible conversations]
3:29 am
while new york mayor de blasio and one chief says it is just not enough. >> chief luis served with the nypd for over 35 years and is credited with helping to drive down crime in our city to record loads back in the 90s and giuliani was mayor. chief join us now. good morning, chief thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. no matter how many times we look at the video it is hard to watch. >> disgraceful. absolutely and a danger to the police. it is absolute danger. where does this start? does it start with a culture created bit mayor, you know, how do thing it is like this happen? >> i want to know. [laughter] is that where it cool from, though, leadership? >> chief executive of this city of new york. the largest city in this country who has not taken the lead for
3:30 am
security, for public security and for supporting the police. since day one he's been behind way behind. >> you served 35 years thank you so much for that. and then you retired you grew up in brooklyn faced your family in rock land county do you think rudy would have done if this would have happened then? >> never would have happened because he had his finger on pulse of the city he knew seen now thing occurring at a rapid face and they're all, you know, defining down. rather than up we're seeing more and more uncivil behavior in the city and parking lot mayor has got to take the lead on this. >> what do you say to the men and women wearing badge today they're in that neighborhood maybe mayor opportunity have their back. how do they respond? >> he doesn't have their back. you know, i believe firmly that he does not have is their back. thing about being a policeman in new york city or anywhere in this country we take an oath.
3:31 am
it is not a job. you swear an oath i'm wearing the symbol here on my lapel of the new york city police department honor legend. their motto is -- [inaudible conversations] latin is translates to in english fateful till death. so if you're a policeman and you're afraid of what the mayor may say whether the department may say what what the public may say, about your actions, you're in the wrong profession. you've got to do what you have to do because you took an oath. >> you took that when you were 18 yearses old you worked your way all the way up to become the chief. >> i did. >> how did we get to where we are now where people are laughing they were even kids in front of what looked like definitely adults maybe their parents i don't know. throwing buckets of water on the -- look at this a little kid. that comes up right there. how do you get here? >> so you have kids sitting and
3:32 am
setting the example and this is okay now. and i would like to just turn this around for those politicians in the city who haven't stepped forward and helped mayor and for the mayor himself would he like or would any of them like to start their day after their hair is done and their makeup and dress and their suits are on and have someone pour a bucket of water and say go to your meeting finish your work days -- you're totally right about the oath. but if you're that officer -- and you take the necessary actions sometimes aggressive in a situation like that you're defending yourself. you're the next person you're the next person on cover of the newspaper about about to be thrown in jail for that. >> peace. it takes a little bit of -- intestinal fortitude but you don't have to worry about taking action. what you have to do with a strong command voice is say you're under arrest. and then put your hands on him and if you need additional help,
3:33 am
you use your radio to call for it or your partner will do that. but you don't ever not take action. you don't ever turn around and walk away. from the situation like that. >> we all did wonder that some said because those -- the cops in brook lean they were so young they just gotten out of the academy and walking, you know, they're talked about pins and needles if that's the case if anyone is teaching them that, that's absolutely criminal. from time i was 18-year-old framing we were taught and we were praying you never back down. you never turn around and walk away. you have plenty of help out there, you take the action that is required. hero to warn that uniform dyed in that uniform, this is a disgrace. >> the opposite of the broken windows series that you're offering under. absolutely. chief, thank you thank you, chief appreciate your service.
3:34 am
back to you god bless you. president trump tough talk on baltimore getting called out by a local newspaper, saying it is better to have a few rats than to be one. >> well how do they explain op-ed in their own paper saying president trump is right when he declared it a disaster nearly three years ago. tan sounds off on hypocrisy coming up next. (groans) hmph... (food grunting menacingly) when the food you love doesn't love you back, stay smooth and fight heartburn fast with tums smoothies. ♪ tum tum-tum tum tums
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♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ oh, my god. they're shooting. they are shooting -- they were back with the fox news alert people running for their lives the gunman opens fire to popular food festival overt weekend in california. three people are dead, and 15 others are injured. police say that gunman is firing at random after he snuck in a festival by cutting hole in the fence. officers responded in less than a minute shooting killing gunman. they're now searching for a possible second suspect. a motive remainses unknown. let's bring in dan and fox news contradict tore fox new york city police officer secret service guy author of spy gate teated sabotage of donald j. trump. dan good morning to you thanks for joining us. you know these images out of
3:39 am
california are so troubling it was a soft starting to start with and doesn't sound like security wasn't like going to the airport because they didn't apparently check everybody's bags but this guy wasn't even going to chance that but cut a hole in the fence in the back and snuck in. >> sure, and first i would like to salute those brave police officers you know when those problems start, they're the only ones running towards it. and i think everybody needs to remember that on days like today this is what our cos do. you know they don't get fade to give terrific tickets but paid buzz one day they may be the ones facing down a gunman like they did so a salute to them. yeah as a couple of take aways here steve the first one is you're only as good as patrol on your perimeter. you know perimeters whatever they may be a fence, we used to use pipe and drape in the secret service which is literally just a piece of fabric their obstructions but they're designed to be foolproof but you have someone actually watching them because this is kind of thing that can happen you can breach them very easily or just
3:40 am
just with a fence climb right over it that principle applies pretty much everywhere. secondly gun free zones are dangerous, i've been calling these out for a long time how, and this network. you've guaranteeing yourself in unarmed it target base here. where people can't fire back thank god those police officers were present to engage and stop this maniac before it got worse than it did. >> right. they were there within less than a minute and it is really hard i imagine to patrol a big area like that like a state fair ground. it is really difficult that's why they cut through the fence. but to your point. >> it is difficult but to your point talking ab brave our police officers are i'm talking out in the field they're searching for this second suspect. and i'm thinking oh, my word how terrified they must be this guy could be hiding in the woods. they know that, you know, someones that was there at the fair, said they asked him why are you doing this and shooter said because i'm angry so these
3:41 am
guys don't seem don't care -- who they're shooting and so this police officer put themselves in harm's way they're out in the middle of a field shot at any second. >> yeah. remember, i mean, obviously, reaction is going sob slower than action. danger of approaching gunman who is already shown proclivity for being a savage killer you know he's willing to engage. you creep up on him he knows you're creeping up on had him because he's hiding. in that reaction is always going to be slower than action if again it speakses to incredible bravery of the officers there who engaged with this maniac. >> thoughts on another story folks may not know you ran for senate and talk about baltimore and whether it was a feud going on between elijah and president and newspaper of record in that town had a headline on saturday based on this back and forth. it wrote better to have a few rats than to be one, a not so
3:42 am
vail reference at the president of the united states. but we did some searching of previous headline it is dan and baltimore sun, turns out they really do have a rat problem another headline from november 18th and 2014. baltimore's rat hot spots and if you go fast forward to 2016 right after the election, the bats mother newspaper said trump is right. declare baltimore a disaster rebuild it going after him dan and you know that city and they know that city they know there's some serious problems there. >> you know pete one of the things that inspired me to run for office when i did in maryland was a condition of baltimore was a street cop in new york and i was a federalling agent in the city of baltimore arresting a whole lot of people for a lot of bad things. i would say to the president anyone else right now, don't you dare run away from this argument. this argument is long overdue. but people in baltimore are good
3:43 am
people. these are decent, quality people i remembering being a cop in new york city one of the worst precincts in the city the 75 precinct people coming up to me tapping me on should per se please do something about this guy and corner. he is slinging drugs just don't tell him i said anything . these qowld happen over and over again. the people in our intercities these are good people who have been let down by who and this is why don't dare liberals run away from this. don't you and mr. president please god keep the heat on them lirls have the destroy and decimated these cities they have been a forest pierp you know pete in the 1950s baltimore was one of the wealthiest city in america and driven into the ground by liberal control welcome the government did this to people. there was nothing wrong with the citizens of baltimore. these are people looking for safety and prosperity and thank god the president brought the heat to the democrat politicians who have destroyed those cities when is accountability going to
3:44 am
start it better start now don't dare run away from this argument anyone it is long overdue. >> i do believe nancy pelosi own father was once upon a time mayor of baltimore. that was sandra that's right. but what do you make of the fact that so many are looking at the president commence and they're saying, regarding elijah cummings and baltimore saying this is racist? >> listen. i don't to hear that not from you steve. that is total complete steaming file of dog on your -- on your porch that's garbage whenever liberals can't defend their position which they can't, steve, they've run baltimore since the 1930s. they haven't had elected city counsel a republican in baltimore in 70 years. what is their defense going to be? the republicans did this? so what to they do? they scream you're a racist you're a misogynist you're a any word with a ist or phobic nobody
3:45 am
pays attention to these idiots anymore anyway with this racist. they've deluded the word so much steve the sad pat is actual racist may get away it because liberals call everybody a racist. nobody cares what they say. they have driven this city into the ground. did you hear what i just said? they have not in a elected republican on city council i believe since the 30s fact check me if i'm wrong folks folks has millions of viewsers you can check it out too who did this? republicans what do you do blame it on people of baltimore how racist is that and say they're incapable of prosperity no i assure you prosperous ones you did this and, of course, they're going to say president is racist because they're fear right now steve is that national conversation going to change and bunch of people are going to start looking to go who did destroy baltimore it wasn't donald trump. he was busy building new york. building buildings up there. while democrats were tearing down great stiff baltimore
3:46 am
that's a fact. you can put a stamp on that sucker. >>lot tearing down the president and nancy you have elizabeth warren with critical about about his tweet and then jerry knadler he takes it even further. he now wants to -- continue to want to impeach. listen to this. >> my personal rue is that he recently deserves impeachment and done many offenses violated on sunday but that's not the question. the question is -- can we develop enough evidence to put before the american people and we have broken the gym. hoping that mueller testimony would lead america to. the to impeach the president but if you look at the latest poll in abc news poll 47% said that mueller testimony made no difference at all. 27% said they were more likely to support impeachment in 26% likely what do you make of that? >> well, knadler in any
3:47 am
other position, i mean, any other position media, anywhere it shall would have been fired a long time ago knadler wants to impeach the president for winning an a election. that's it he doesn't have any evidence of any crime anywhere. and he thought as they said, well if they didn't read mueller report they would see movie and proceeding that was democrat line led by jerry knadler and movie blew up got, you know, a 1% score on rotten tomatoes so knadler is embarrassed been embarrassed by president trump because he's trying to fabricate a crime so what does he do instead of walking away head in hand he's trying to double down to salvage the rem innocent of his broken horrible reputation but it is not going to work ainsly because there's a problem here. there's no crime. they can't fabricate there's nothing. are you telling me bob mueller with 40 million dollars multiple fbi agents and some of what bob mueller categorize they couldn't find a crime and crack detective jerry knead her is going to what
3:48 am
is he mil he's going out there to find it does anyone in the audience believe that? that was a joke knadler is finished he's embarrassed right now. >> we always love monday when is dan drives by. dan thank you very much for your point of view. >> thanks, dan love it too guys. see you later. [laughter] carly is here she's filling in for jillian with headlines for us. good morning. >> that's right good morning guys we to story mother of twoin who is died in hot car speaking out in support of her husband. juan rodriguez is free on bail after he left his one-year-old twins in backseat and went to work a v.a. medical center in new york. and a statement his quite a few says, quote, though, i am hurting more than i ever imagined possible, i still love my husband adding i need him by my side to go through this together. rodriguez pleaded not guilty to manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. the fbi will help investigate ransomware attacks on georgia law enforcement agencies attack has lost georgia's state patrol
3:49 am
capital police and commercial forcement division out of their computers since friday. but the agency saying won't affect their work. there's been at least four cyberattacks against georgia agencies this month alone, it is unclear where they are coming from. a nurse saves driver who crashed into her home. surveillance video shows carmen finding man unconscience with no heart beat in kissimmee, florida. >> givings compressions -- couple of seconds after he came back alive. my kids are so proud momma is a hero. she is. unclear what caused crash or if the driver is facing any charges. guys. >> all right. she was on the case. right there -- tomb at the right place. thanks carly. 2020 democrats want to overhaul our health care system. >> health care is a basic human right. >> health care is a human right.
3:50 am
health care is not just a human rights it should be an american right. but now we've learned 90% of americans would already cover nicole with a reality check. for the democrats. >> how are you?
3:51 am
and here we have another burst pipe in denmark. if you look close... jamie, are there any interesting photos from your trip? ouch, okay. huh, boring, boring, you don't need to see that. oh, here we go. can you believe my client steig had never heard of a home and auto bundle or that renters could bundle? wait, you're a lawyer? only licensed in stockholm. what is happening? jamie: anyway, game show, kumite, cinderella story. you know karate? no, alan, i practice muay thai, completely different skillset.
3:52 am
3:53 am
3:54 am
>> 2020 democrats demanding overhaw of the nation health care system pushes medicare for all out on the campaign trail. watch this. >> well health care is a basic human right. >> we will have medicare for all when tens of millions of people are prepared to stand off and tell the insurance companies and the drug companies that their day is gone. that had health care is a human right. health care is not just a hule right it should be an american right and i believe that best way to get there is medicare for all. >> but while democrats portray a system that our system is a meltdown mode new study find that 0% of americans are already covered here to qaig in is fox news medical contradict tore dr. nicole. >> good morning so they want to
3:55 am
overhaul is that really the problem when you hear statistics 90% americans are covered. that shouldn't p shouldn't equate to a single payer plan of the 9% of people that are not insured half of them are choosing not to be insured so reason is people can't afford it so instead of focus on 4 to 5% who don't have coverage why "don't ask, don't don't question focus on those who can't afford their coverage right so when you listen to bernie sanders and everyone else talking about their medicare for all plans, really they're just seeking they're touting this to a small microcosm of the united states because 25 or 27% of adults do not want a complete overhaul by the government of their health insurance. especially those who have employer based plans people do not want get rid of their private system so what they need to do is focus on lowering cost. that will increase access to care, and you know, it is really upsetting to me when i have them say that people are dying if we don't go to medicare for all but
3:56 am
no president trump said at the beginning of his term, health care is complicated. right -- he's actually starting to get the hang of things he's doing a lot of things behind scene when is everyone is focused on some of other hells what is he doing? there's an out of network legislation going through right now, he's working on medicare negotiatibility and bringing back generic to the market price competition immigration, control, and lowest unemployment rates. this is how we're going get people coveredded by health insurance, and affordable you have the ways to go but he's already put those pieces together. >> right. doctor thank you so much. >> thank you. you're welcome. now to a fox news alert three people killed in a shooting at a popular food festival in california. as hunt now ramping up for potential second suspect on the run. we're live on the ground, next. my experience with usaa has been excellent. they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else?
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4:00 am
>> we start this hour with fox news alert, horror at food festival as it ends in murder, gunman opening fire at random. >> oh, my god! they shooting. they are shooting. >> 3 people are dead including a 6-year-old little boy, 15 others were injured, the gunman killed by police. >> let's get to claudia in california, hunt for second possible suspect is ramping up, claudia. >> that's right, good morning, police are also hunting for a motive after day of fun and food turned into an afternoon of panic and bloodshed, thousands of people were attending this food festival many including kids, they were out there when a gunman opened fire, witnesses
4:01 am
say he stopped to reload and he fired again into the crowd. some witnesses say they heard as many as 50 shots, others ran for their lives. witnesses say shooter tall young man wearing camouflage appeared calm. the gunman and possible accomplice managed to get around the security screeners at the entrance by breaking through a perimeter fence. >> they used some sort of a tool to cut through the fence to be able to gain access to secured fence line and that's how they got into the festival area itself. >> gilroy police are heavy presence at annual event and they were near the gunman when he opened fire, the chief says offered engaged the gunman in less than a minute and fatally shot him. law enforcement from multiple
4:02 am
agencies following reports about second suspects, they are searching with helicopters and k9 units, that person's role is unclear and no description, police will only describe the weapon used as some kind of rifle, meantime while some of the injured have been treated an released, some of the more seriously wounded have had to undergo surgery, their conditions are not known, of course, the big question here this morning is why, why did this gunman open fire on a crowd of innocent people including many, many kids who were just out enjoying a lovely sunday afternoon, police have not yet discussed any possible motive but we do hope to learn more at the next police briefing in just a few hours. >> did someone hear the shooter say, i'm doing this because i'm angry? >> there has been that report by one of the musicians that were playing when this shooting happened, the musician telling the associated press that he
4:03 am
heard somebody shout, why are you shooting and the gunman replied, because i'm angry, we have not had that confirmed by police, clearly that appears to be one of the accounts that we are hearing, something set the gunman off and he was just to cause a lot of damage and carnage. >> claudia, we don't know the nature of the person they are looking for, what his role might -- his or her role might have been? >> police have not been specific about this reported second suspect, they say it's unclear if the second person may have been additional shooter or provided some kind of support role and nor have they provided description, the search for the second person is still ongoing which is why you see the crime tape still up and no one allowed to go back to the festival venue, for instance, to get their cars, a lot of venders and festival goers were basically stranded here because they
4:04 am
couldn't get back to their cars, so this remains active and fluid investigation while the story continues. >> tragic story, as more things develop we will bring them to you, thank you for your time this morning. i don't know what you guys did this weekend but we had a few conversations this weekend about baltimore. >> yeah, folks at the beach -- [laughter] >> happened over the weekend. >> you saw elijah cummings at multiple committee hearings, with bob mueller and with kevin mcaleenan, mischaracterizing situation at the border and in response to that president trump had things to say about cummings' own backyard. he tweeted out, cummings has been brutal bully, shouting and screaming at the men and women of border patrol when baltimore he says, the president tweeted on saturday is far worse, more dangerous, his district is considered the worst in the usa and then the president was
4:05 am
called a racist for this attack and we will talk more about that but just 14 minutes ago, the president is up and tweeting already and he just tweeted this out, baltimore, under leadership of cummings has the worst crime statistics in the nation, 25 years of all talk, no action. tired of listening to the same old bull, next reverend al will show up to complain and protest, apparently he's in route to baltimore later today, nothing will get done for the people in need, sad. >> he basically said if you will go to the border and be critical look at your own backyard, elijah cummings replied on saturday by saying this, i go home to my district daily, going fight and it is my moral duty to fight for my constituents. >> the president pointing out the cycle, here goes al sharpton
4:06 am
to agitate on racial issues where the president is pointing out democrats and liberal policies over the decades, the federal funding that's in baltimore not making the lives of those citizens better, does it really make it better to go agitate, that's the question that the president is asking. ainsley: i think the message is resinating with some of the residents, listen to what this one lady has to say, she lives in baltimore. >> he has never done anything, not even one person i know of, i've never heard anybody say anything about him and people want to talk about donald trump, donald trump this and donald trump that, why is the man taking care of people at the border, we are hungry, we need a place to stay, it's just sad, he worried more about them than his own people, it breaks my heart to see this. >> we covered it this morning and she went on this weekend, she went onto talk about how all of the focus on the border, all the focus on illegal immigration and what are we doing for those folks, what about the forgotten men and women in the areas of west baltimore who have been
4:07 am
left behind by liberal policies, what about us? >> that breaks my heart, she said it breaks my heart. imagine growing up in an area where it's dangerous, so much violence, drugs sold on the street, kids grown up in an area like that, why do we spend so much money for people who are not citizens, paying for their insurance, we need to use the money to clean up cities that are violent here in america. steve: i was talking to fox news correspondent peter peter doocyo covered riots in 2015 and reminded me that the security made sure that the -- specified the only way he could be reporting from the street was for him to be wearing a flak jacket. also specified at one point when he was about to do live report the security team moved him off the street to a secured location because there was somebody with
4:08 am
cocktail writing a bike down the street. ainsley: this was in baltimore? steve: baltimore at the height of riots. mick mulvaney who said this was initially this was the president counterpunching back at elijah cummings, blast congress for focusing on things like the mueller and once a great city like baltimore. >> i was in congress for 6 years, if i had poverty in my district like they had baltimore, if i had crime, homelessness like they have in san francisco, and i spent all of my time in washington, d.c. chasing down this mueller investigation, this bizarre impeachment crusade i would get fired, the president is right to raise that and absolutely zero to do with race. >> of course, they make it about race, one of the guys on the program we had earlier framed it so well, you know dan from the
4:09 am
program, he ran for the senate in maryland because he was passionate about the conditions in baltimore and the great people of baltimore who are suffering under the policy of democrats, listen. >> liberals have destroyed the cities, pete, in 1950's baltimore was one of the wealthiest cities in america, driven into the ground by liberal control, the government did this to people, there's nothing wrong with the citizens of baltimore. these are people looking for safety and prosperity and thank god the president brought the heat to these democrat politicians who have destroyed those cities, when is the accountability going to start? it better start now, don't dare raunway from the argument, anyone, it's long overdue. >> a lot of problems in baltimore and, you know, the president has been pointing this out and he has been roundly labeled by many on twitter and on the mainstream media as comments being racist but then
4:10 am
you look at some of the other things that other people have said in the past and wonder if that's racist. >> i wonder if bernie sanders will be asked about statement he made in 2015, they have debates coming up. he said this about baltimore. >> anyone who talk the walk that we talk, we took, you would think that you're in a third-world country, half of the people who don't have jobs and a community where there are 100 of buildings that are uninhabitable. ainsley: these politicians, do they do anything? when they talk about the immigration, the president has to use executive orders, emergency funding to fix the immigration and when it comes to
4:11 am
baltimore he has an opportunity to clean up the city, what are they doing? >> we can agree on problem identification, if bernie sanders said that now and president trump clearly there's an issue there, the question is how do you solve it, democrats as dan have said -- ainsley: we need to be focusing on. >> more money, more money, more money, squandered by local politicians as opposed to economic opportunity zones which this administration has worked on, devastated places, charter schools, vouchers, giving people education opportunity to cracking down with real solid police, community policing that's aggressive to make sure those folks deserve safety just as much as anybody else. steve: from what we have seen with the president's tweets sounds like al sharpton will be heading to baltimore so i would look for the story to continue for another day. in the meantime congresswoman tlaib was on cnn yesterday and
4:12 am
asked about tapper about the economy, look, this has nothing to do with donald trump, it has to do with the people because the people are demanding that the economy go up and by them demanding it, it's working, listen. >> the wages are going up because the people are demanding it go up not because donald trump wanted them to go up, does that make sense? the movement for fight for 15 is growing, the movement to hold corporations accountable is growing, because of movement work not because of the president of the united states. >> i don't put president trump as reason, it's people demanding it. ainsley: no because the manufacturing jobs that the president brought back, he continued to allow the coal industry to thrive here. remember hillary clinton wanted to eradicate it and coal miners put pictures, you do away coal mining and this is the family that will be affected.
4:13 am
>> the basic economic principal at play here is if you've got a lot of opportunities, not enough workers and a lot of jobs because businesses are expanding, what's the one thing businesses do, they raise rages because you have to entice people to come work for you. supply and demand. doesn't happen magically, you can't just say pay me more. but that's just basic lack of understanding and not giving credit where credit is due. they will never give him credit. steve: we are on facebook. ainsley: carley has headlines for us. carley: fox news alert, brand-new video of military confronting a british oil tanker.
4:14 am
[inaudible] >> you are ordered -- >> that radio conversation from tense takeover earlier this month, iran's revolutionary guard boarding in strait of hormuz, called this reciprocal after iranian ship seized. the son reports benjamin was delivering furniture in palace a few weeks ago and got security and got by prince george, charlotte and palace official reviewing security plan. president trump expected to sign surrounded by hundreds of people directly impacted by the 2001
4:15 am
terror attacks, the law will extend for families and victims and emergency workers with 9/11 related illnesses. check this out, cleveland indian pitcher gives four run and then decides to show off arm's power. >> what he did before he came out, watch this, turns and fires, thankfully he threw it against the boards, nobody in the seat to get hit with it, you don't do that when your manager is coming out, it's disrespectful. >> you can't be doing that. throwing the ball all the way over the center field wall before being yanked from the game, he apologized, the indians lost 6-9 to the royals, those are headlines, there's no tantrums in baseball, come on. [laughter] >> he was showing off. >> look how far i can throw that. [laughter] >> too late. >> thank you kansas city royals. we are in first place in al
4:16 am
central, i demand, i heard you can demand things and make it happen, i demand that we make it to the world series. [laughter] steve: all right. >> 15 minutes after the top of the hour, democrats ramping up calls for impeachment even after bob mueller's testimony on capitol hill. >> my personal view is that he deserves impeachment. he has done many impeachable defenses, violated the laws. >> our next guest is a democratic congressman who says it is up -- it is time to give up the impeachment talk.
4:17 am
this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo.
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4:21 am
nadler along with more than 100 democrats aren't giving up push of impeachment, do all members of their party feel the same way? democratic congressman and blue dog coalition member doug, cochair of house problem solver's caucus, joins us now, representative thank you very much for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> over 100 colleagues in the house despite what happened in the house and bob mueller's performance, they want impeachment. >> what i think we need is continued very strong oversight and, you know, the speaker has made it pretty clear that we need to do to ensure separation of power, across the board and committees using the courts, using oversight power and we need to continue down the path. >> does that mean that you think that bob mueller's $40 million as the president calls them 19 angry democrats and all the agents were not able to sufficiently investigate what happened and we need more of it?
4:22 am
>> i haven't read the full report, what i did hear from bob mueller, questions raised especially by the way one issue that doesn't get enough attention is russia and the issues from the election and making sure we continue that -- >> russia doesn't get enough attention? >> the issue -- [laughter] >> i'm not talking about in terms of investigating what happened in the election, making sure we continue those investigations bipartisan, you heard democrats and republicans to get to the bottom of that, there's legislation in the senate that we need to keep moving along to ensure there's no interference in election. what we need to do is strong oversight, get the fact that is we need and also at the same time it's very important that we also when i talk focus on other issues and today a good one in terms of victim's compensation fund, standing by first responders and firefighters, trying to reinstate salt, taxes
4:23 am
down, we have to walk into them. >> every moment you spend in a committee, you know this better than i do, investigating or overseeing is another minute that you don't spend on the issues that you talk so much about, so you and nancy pelosi have so far not called for impeachment but over 100 of your colleagues have, has your party gone too far? are the american people sick of the obsession with this investigation? >> i think what the american people want us to do continue our job in oversight, get to the bottom of the facts, at the same time focus on other issues, fixing infrastructure, i drove in from jersey. >> terrible. >> we have to deal with infrastructure issues, taxes down, reinstate salt. big issue in new jersey. >> are you concerned that the perception of the public is house democrats and democrats at large are obsessed with bob mueller and the russia
4:24 am
investigation and totally distracted from any conversation of substance of what they are for? >> if you watch our show you guys are obsessed. >> i'm obsessed with a lot of things. >> i will tell you i don't think that's the perception, i think the perception is you have to make sure that you're able to do your job which is oversight, we have the constitutional responsibility to the to the get to the bottom of the facts, keep looking for more information but we also have to make sure we do the other part, get healthcare costs down, the other issues that matter to folks, i think you can do both quite well. >> we will find out. we can agree on the roads. >> fix the roads. >> up next a devastating story, a father overwhelmed in court charged in the deaths of his 1-year-old twins after leaving them in a hot car. our next guest says potentially life-saving tips for all parents to stop tragedies like this hopefully once and for all.
4:25 am
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steve: time for news by the numbers, first number $29 million, the value of gold and precious metals in airport in brazil, you can see the images right there, police are -- police say a gang of armed men disguised of federal agents in charge of cargo terminal, at least one person under arrest. alligator right there that was chasing swimmers near the gulf of mexico, north of tampa florida, caught the beast and weighs 300 pounds, nobody hurt thankfully. finally $3 million, the 16-year-old young man won by playing video game, kyle of
4:29 am
pennsylvania winning the first ever fortnite world cup, plays the game 8 to 10 hours a day but paid off for him, $3 million. unbelievable. ainsley: kids that came to our show that were out on the plaza they were going to do that, thank you so much, steve, 29 minutes after the top of the hour, heartbreaking story if you read about it over the weekend, a father charged in the death of 1-year-old twins after they were left in hot car for hours in new york, the attorney for juan rodríguez says that he is -- he's inconsolable and pleaded not guilty, child hot car deaths continue to be tragic in our country, to help prevent amber rollins with particularly life-saving tips, good morning to you, amber. >> good morning. ainsley: how long have you
4:30 am
worked for the organization, amber? >> kids in cars for 15 years. ainsley: 15 years and 23 deaths this year alone and you're familiar with many of the cases you were telling me earlier, what usually is the reason for this? >> well, you know, in almost every single case we see a change in the morning routine, some type of change, doesn't have anything to be big, switch in day care job routine, detour on the road even, you know, parents running late and, you know, on top of that we have parents who are extremely sleep deprived especially with twins and that affects how the brain functions. ainsley: in any of the cases in your experience was it ever intentional? >> i do not know of a single case where somebody intentional left their children in the car to let them die from heat stroke. >> so are they normally charged, they have to serve time? >> so about 50% of the cases the parent or caregiver is charged
4:31 am
and not always convicted, sometimes the charges are dropped, sometimes they take a plea deal, most of it don't have to fight charges after something so horrific. >> what are tips to make sure that this doesn't happen to our kids? >> so we want to encourage parents to look before you lock and what that means is open the back door of your car and check the backseat every single time you leave your vehicle and one thing that you can do to get herself in the habit of doing that put something that you need to start your day and that item is everything from everybody, for me work laptop, cell phone, something that you would have to go back to the car, yeah, to get, if you, you know, got to your destination and didn't have it and then -- ainsley: go ahead. >> go ahead. ainsley: i know that one of your tips is announce who is getting
4:32 am
in your car, what do you mean by that? >> there's a miscommunication between two parents or two adults and so you want to literally verbally announce who is getting each child out of the vehicle and then you also want to do that look before you lock and check everybody is out. ainsley: got it. is there a way you can work out something with your child school or day care to say, hey, if my child isn't at school, please check on the child before 3:00 o'clock, you know, check immediately, whereby is the student? >> yeah, absolutely, if your child goes to any type of child care facility, home day care, if you take them to grandma to watch them during the day, you want to make a policy that that person would call you immediately if your child didn't show up as planned. ainsley: right, tell us about your organization and how -- how did you get involved. >> so we are a national nonprofit organization and our focus is protecting children and saving lives in and around
4:33 am
vehicles, i got involved as social work student 15 years ago when i was in college and when i learned about all of the preventible tragedies that the organization was working on and nobody else was working on at the time, you know, my heart was in it and i have been ever since. ainsley: do the folks that you have been with, they have similar stories? >> most of the people that we worked with have lost a child or had a child that was seriously injured and, you know, they have dedicated their lives and their passion to making sure that no other family has to go through something so terrible. ainsley: everyone's worst nightmare, hot car act, could prevent animal and children from dying in hot cars, has that passed, do we have that in motion now? >> it was introduced this summer on both the house and the senate side and it's passed the senate committee and has not moved anywhere in the house right now.
4:34 am
but, you know, this is -- we've been educating and raising awareness about this issue for 20 years and awareness is at all-time high and yet the number of children dying is also all-time high. >> bipartisan issue. absolutely. thank you so much, amber, for being with us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. the battle over baltimore is heating up, the president calling the city a rat-infested mess, we are checking the facts next. let me ask you something. can the past help you write the future? can you feel calm in the eye of a storm? can you do more with less? can you raise the bar while reducing your footprint?
4:35 am
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4:39 am
looking forward to voting in next election, congratulations. >> indeed. ainsley: 38 minutes after the top of the hour, twitter war over the weekend between president trump and congressman elijah cummings. steve: in response the president wrote, quote, as proven last week during congressional tour the border is clean, efficient and well run just very crowded, cummings district is disgusting rat and rodent infested mess, if he spent more time in baltimore maybe he could help clean up the very dangerous and filthy place. >> the president immediately getting predictable backlash, when you look at the evidence he is right. ainsley: fox news radio host culture jihad, how to stop the left from killing a nation, todd
4:40 am
steins joins us. >> the left hates trump so much and they intentionally lie about what the president is tweeting, i wrote at point by point until the president was absolutely right, let's start with rat and rodent infested, absolutely, the pest control people, baltimore one of the top 10 most rat infested cities in america, by the way, all the rest of those cities on the list controlled by democrats. you talk about the economy talking about safety, we go down the list, even bernie sanders of all people called baltimore a -- the conditions looks like a third-world country, so we are talking about about even democrats that understand what is going on. >> the rat problem was so big down there, wasn't there a documentary about the rat problem? >> steve, you're absolutely right, they literally took people through the neighborhoods and when you actually talk to folks that live in the neighborhoods, these are people who put their trust in the
4:41 am
democrats to fix their communities, their neighborhoods and democrats betrayed the voters and that's why i wrote in my column that i feel sympathy for these people because they have been promised something from the democrats and the democrats not only did not deliver they turned that city and many other cities in that country into dystopian scenes, outrageous. >> on the show we heard the voices of those citizens who said where is elijah cummings been, i haven't seen difference in my life. memorial in south carolina, this story floored me when i first saw it. city had decide today scratch out the word lord because one resident complained, you could see it right there, they literally scratched out the name of lord but that is going to change. >> that's right, thankfully because of all the viewers of "fox & friends", the listeners of my radio show, they fired up the phones at city hall and city
4:42 am
leaders decided to go back and -- and replace the word lord, look, let's be honest here, that memorial was desecrated by city leaders, i write about this in culture jihad, there's a war to eradicate american culture and it starts with the war on religious liberty, pete, and we have to take a stand, that's why i'm excited what's happening, people took a stand and when they took a stand, the city leaders backed down. steve: they're not going to restore the entire bible verse, just that part of it, right? >> that's right, just that part of it, steve, that's why i called my column for the ouster of every single lawmaker who voted to remove the bible verse and the word lord from that -- from that plaque, we have to start taking a stand and start fighting back and that's how you can do it. we can be happy warriors. ainsley: when i heard about the
4:43 am
story, i'm from south carolina, everyone goes to church on sunday, i'm glad that they came to their senses and changed it. >> i am too, the reasonable reason they did it because people got outraged and they called city hall and they demanded they do something. >> thank you very much for joining us. ainsley: thanks. >> 17 minutes before the top of the hour and cara lee joins us today. >> let's get straight to it. bloody violence claimed 9 lives in chicago, 27 people left injured, among the dead a 3-year-old boy killed by a gunshot wound to the face, police are now working to investigate whether or not the shooting was accident, at least 281 people have been shot and killed in chicago this year alone. the fbi is on the hunt for a criminal they call the pink lady
4:44 am
band it, wanted for robbing 4 banks in the east coast in 8 days, she got the name from pink handbag she's carried during at least 2 of those incidents, there's now a 10,000 rewarded for information. bernie sanders to prove point of drug prices, 2020 hopeful taking a group of diabetic americans to canada to buy cheaper insulin, sanders slammed the pharmaceutical industry, the senator promises his medicare for all legislation will cap prescription drug spending at $200 per year. tom cruise may still have the need for speed but one of his top gun costars wasn't even asked to come back for the sequel. >> i was afraid that everyone will see right through me. carley: charlie in 1986 classic,
4:45 am
she says she hasn't watched the trailer for top gun maverick and she hasn't been asked to appear in promo events, that trailer looks so good. ainsley: she said she was not contacted to be part of it? carley: yeah. the romance will live on in our lives. ainsley: meg ryan. carley: what about her? >> is she going to be in it? >> we would have heard of that. i will give it a google and give it back to you. steve: let's go out on the streets in new york city where there's a beautiful day and janice dean is talking to the folks. >> beautiful day in the neighborhood, look at the wonderful people that came to see me today. thank you for coming and what's your name? >> kelly. >> where did you graduate from? >> state university. >> 76 in new york city, we are watching cold front that will move through across upper midwest and great lakes,
4:46 am
potential for maybe large hail, damaging winds and heavy rainfall as front moves east ward but otherwise a good-looking forecast for most and ainsley, hello, from your name sake in texas, is your name ainsley? >> yes, ma'am. yes, ma'am. >> that's so cute. >> is this your sister? >> my cousin. >> thank you for coming, ainsley. >> what's your full name? >> ainsley -- oh, my gosh, that's amazing, a baby named after ainsley. >> so sweet. how old is she? >> how old are you? >> i'm 12. >> ainsley is very impressed. i think she will come out and meet you. >> where is she from? >> texas. >> do they live in san antonio? did they hear my name on fox or local news? >> very nice, we will find out
4:47 am
more. ainsley: she's so cute. that's so nice. >> like a bucket list kind of thing. steve: that is cool. >> thank you, that's so sweet. >> how great is that? all right, listen, a new season of what made america great on fox nation today, today's episode features brian and it's about women saving history where brian travels to washington to visit the headquarters of the daughters to have american revolution. watch. >> we have collected all of the signatures of the signers of declaration of independence which is rare in the world as far as we understand and signers of the constitution as well. this is the george washington letter that he wrote in 1783. >> original. >> the original letter, you can see this is entirely in his hand. >> to think there's a washington letter and original paper that is sitting here astounds me.
4:48 am
>> the quality of the paper is better than modern paper because they wrote on cotton rag, much easier to preserve. this is materials -- >> you can watch what made america great, the women saving history on fox nation, season 3, brian has had two 2 seasons. check it out. steve: if you like more information go to or pick up phone and download it. >> brian will take you behind the scenes. after several violent attacks including this one on journalist andy -- >> time to get to violent movement and he is going to join us next.
4:49 am
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4:52 am
>> we have been showing you video of some of their attacks for years, now president trump is considering designating the
4:53 am
left-wing antifascist group also known as antifa as a terrorist organization. the president tweeted on saturday consideration is being given to declaring antifa the gutless radical left whack jobs who go around hitting, people over the heads with baseball bats, major organization of terror, along with ms13 and others, would make it easier for the police to do their job. >> this comes days after two senators proposed labeling the group terrorists and month after attack that put journalist andy in the hospital. since then been released and andy, i've seen that footage multiple times, a lot of the viewers have, when you reflect on that, we will get to the particularls of the situation, it's ongoing, when you reflect on that and you covered antifa for years, you understand what
4:54 am
happens on the inside, are they correct to push antifa a terrorist organization? >> i think so, local authorities and federal authorities to start investigating the criminal cartel for the street thugs who they are and we see over and over in the streets of america, this movement also has political ideology that's political revolution. >> the attack on you, people have seen it many times and you were significantly injured, what's going on with the investigation into those people, have the police caught any of them yet? >> it's been four weeks since my beating and robbery outside the center, there's not been a single arrest. >> why? >> i don't know. i don't want to be cynical about the police investigation but this has been a pattern of incidents of antifa violence in
4:55 am
this city that never results in arrests or charges. >> is that because the police is -- coward from this, are they word about reaction or leadership in left-wing cities? when the attack is brutal, caught on tape, how in the world can they justify doing nothing about it? >> well, portland system is odd for viewers who may have been aware, the mayor is also a police commissioner, he's up for reelection in a city that is mostly proantifa and antipolice, so you can imagine the variables causing what we are seeing now in portland. >> right, one of the things that makes it hard for the authorities to identify these people is they have those face coverings but there's been a proposal i believe by the mayor to get rid of those, right?
4:56 am
>> no, that proposal was by the police chief and the mayor asked if he supports or not he couldn't come out and decide unfortunately. >> well, part of the reason they don't like you is because you take their picture, expose what they are doing, why are they still afraid of being exposed, why the masks? >> because they know they are involved in criminal conspiracy to commit violence against citizens and properties, i mean, this proposal by the police chief is not just -- it's not about banning masks but banning masks while in commission and should really be -- should be a baseline but unfortunately the mayor couldn't come out and support that. >> all right, andy, from portland, oregon, andy, thank you very much. >> thanks for what you do. >> my pleasure. >> all right. all right, meanwhile final hour of "fox & friends" start in about 2 minutes, democrats are slamming president trump's comments about baltimore but remember when bernie sanders said this about baltimore?
4:57 am
>> anyone who talked the walk that we talk, we took around this neighborhood you would think that you were in a third-world country. >> oops, well, the one and only rushnd limbaugh to react next hour, don't miss it. the new democratic majority in the house of representatives is proving they're up to the challenge. but, mitch mcconnell's blocked every one of these important bills from getting a vote in the senate. that won't stop house democrats. tell them: keep up the fight for what's right for america's families. . . ♪
4:58 am
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book now and enjoy free unlimited open bar and more. norwegian cruise line. feel free. ainsley: street to a fox news alert. horror as a food festival ends in murder a gunman opening fire, seemingly at random. >> oh, my god! they shooting. they are shooting. >> these people dead. 15 others hurt. gunman thing fully killed by police. steve: claudia cowan in gillman california. they are searching for a second possible suspect. reporter: good morning once
5:01 am
again. the manhunt looks for second possible suspect a possible accomplice. we're also hearing from a grieving woman who spoke outside one of the hospitals in this area where victims were taken. she has identified a six-year-old boy as her grand son and one of the three killed when a gunman opened fire here yesterday at the annual gilroy garlic festival. thousands of people, including a lot of kids, enjoyed summer sunday, cooking competition, including all things garlic. people were starting to leave, when the gunman fired in a short burst, before stopping to reload. as many as 50 shots according to some eyewitnesses. not tar getting anyone specifically but shouting he was angry at something. police officers took him down. they are trying to find whoever was with him.
5:02 am
>> we have some witnesses reporting that there may have been a second suspect. we don't know if that suspect was engaged in any shooting, whether they have may have been in some sort of a support role for the person we have accounted for. reporter: police say the suspects cut through a perimeter fence near the parking lot to get to the venue avoiding tight security. the shooter was tall and thin, 20s, early 30s, wearing camouflage. police say his weapon was kind of a rifle. police have not given a description of the second suspect. local officials are expressing their condolence, their utter heart break see this popular family friendly, nationally-known event become the scene of the country's latest mass shooting. the big question is why. as police zero in on a motive. they plan to give an update later this morning.
5:03 am
back to you. steve: we'll have it live. claudia, before you go, there was security, some said it wasn't terrific security but nonetheless there was some there. is that because they have had trouble at this event in the past? reporter: well there has been trouble. some trouble at this event. nothing like this certainly but rival gangs created a problems and tensions. there was a biker gang in particular that caused some problems with their insignias. that prompt ad step-up of security, but this is a huge event. over 100,000 people attend this three-day event every single year. so there is tight security with bags being screened, metal detectors, a large, very heavy police presence here. doesn't always work as we have heard from some accounts but there is certainly a concerted effort to make sure that everyone at this event is safe. obviously that will be reviewed in the wake of this tragedy.
5:04 am
pete: claudia. thank you. we'll bring you updates on this network all day long as police report back what happened. >> families are changed forever because of these maniacs that do this they might have to shut down the festival going forward, but a 6-year-old child, a grandmother without her grand baby this morning. steve: terrible story. let's talk a little bit about pete had a busy weekend covering the president's tweets. the president did not like the fact that last week elijah cummings, the congressman from the great state of maryland, that he was taking aim at the men and women of the border patrol insinuating some of these migrant children apparently sitting in their own feces. president said that is not right. that was at one of the hearings with mr. mcaleenan. the president ultimately came around why are you so worried about the southern border. it is much worse in baltimore is essentially what he was saying. the president has been called a racist for his comments and he
5:05 am
has not slowed down in the velocity of firing off these tweets. pete: he has not backed down. if you're going to come after me and my policies maybe at your backyard where you are you are representative for decades. president tweeting this. baltimore under the leadership of elijah cummings has the worst crime statistics in nation. 25 years of all talk, no action. so tired of listening to the same old bull. next reverend al will show up to complain, protest. nothing will get done for the people in need. sad referring to al sharpton there are there photos of him saying i'm headed to baltimore. those who follow the feuds, he follows where the heat and light is. in this case he will go to agitate. ainsley: president said in one of these tweets. this is how the democrats have been reacting in all of this. >> president as he usually is, often is is disgusting and
5:06 am
racist. >> this is beyond racism. this is the work of a serious sociopathic demagogue. >> our president has a hate agenda. he doesn't have a policy agenda. >> call it it it for what it is, racism. there is a the pattern here. this guy is the biggest identity politician, that he engages what is known as racial priming. steve: dan bongino knows there is a pattern of a comments like that democrats do often make claims of racism. here is mr. bongino to explain what he meant. >> whenever liberals can't defend their position, they can't, steve, they have run baltimore since the 1930s. they haven't had an elected city council who is republican in baltimore in 70 years. what is their defense going to be. the republicans did this? so what do they do? they scream you're a racist. national conversation is going to change and a bunch of peel
5:07 am
are going to start looking, wait, who did destroy baltimore? it wasn't donald trump. he was building up new york, building buildings up there while democrats were busy tearing down the great city of baltimore. that's a fact. pete: to his point, this affords an opportunity to have a conversation about why communities like west baltimore have been left behind for decades, who runs them. it is democrats and policies of more money, more money, more money into failed systems as opposed to empower people through creative ideas an economic investment which is what the president has proposed. he wants a policy discussion. he is willing to mack back harder than anybody. they always point to racism. ainsley: president is saying i want to fix the problem down on the border that has nothing to do with race. i don't want criminals and drugs coming over. has nothing to do with race. he says, when you look at baltimore, has nothing to do the race, talking about the rodent problem there, the crime there, the violence there how we want to spend money on illegal
5:08 am
immigrants, we're not taking care of our own people in baltimore. steve: "the baltimore sun," said about the comments about the rats, rather to have a few rats to be one. that they have been reporting on the rat problem in baltimore for a long time. back in 2014, they had a headline, baltimore's rat hot spots. then the day after the president was elected in 2016, they declared, trump's right. declare baltimore a disaster, and rebuild it. so -- pete: there is literally documentary telling the story of baltimore through the rat problem. steve: the mayor of baltimore said in december of 2018, the problem is so bad you can smell the rats. ainsley: eww. todd starnes was on earlier, orkin did a survey of cities with the most rodents they are in one of the top 10 cities.
5:09 am
steve: number nine. pete: not just president trump said this. bernie sanders in 2015 talked about it. then president obama talked about rioting in baltimore after freddy gray's funeral. listen to the former president. >> some of the same organizers now going back into these communities to try to clean up in the aftermath of a handful of protesters, a handful of criminals and thugs who tore up the place. pete: was that racial comment? was he racist for calling people thugs? steve: i don't remember that being racist. pete: i don't recall that earlier. >> there was video after lady in the neighborhood. she had a message to elijah cummings. you're checking out the border. what about that. what about our neighborhood? she said please fix our neighborhood. it is heart breaking. pete: i had is. steve: we're in new york city. you talked to one of the man who
5:10 am
is one of the top police in new york who is this town. pete: a former nypd chief. these are attacks with water against police officers here in new york city. bill de blasio said tepidly it is not okay. his policies created an environment where folks are getting away with this. former nypd chief unrudy giuliani, slammed de blasio for not supporting the cops. listen to this. >> absolutely disgraceful. it is danger to the police. the chief executive of this city of new york, the largest city in this country has not taken the lead for security, for public security, for supporting the police. he doesn't have their back. i believe permanently he does not have their back. from the time i was an 18-year-old trainee, we were taught, we were trained, you never back down. you never turn around to walk
5:11 am
away. you have plenty of help out there. you take the action that's required. people, heroes have worn that uniform died in that uniform. this is a disgrace. pete: i don't know it from a policing context. i know from a military context. there is no worse feeling than believing your commander won't have your back if you have to do a difficult thing in a split second moment. it is incredibly empowering, the command says i know you're doing a tough job. we train you to do it. equip you to do it. the officers fell like bill de blasio will throw them under the bus for a second if someone picks up an iphone and takes a video that makes them look bad. steve: if they arrest somebody for throwing water on them, people around them with the cameras blazing would be going, you're going to arrest him for just throwing water, please. we heard a number of people who involved in these have already
5:12 am
been arrested but i think all of them have been released because they are misdemeanors. according to the "new york post," a republican assemblyman from long island, wants to make dousing cops a bucket of water, a felony, punishable up to four years of prison. make it a class e felony. ainsley: it should be, this is disrespectful, but b, it will lead to more incidents. it will get out of hand. it is already getting out of hand. it can lead to so much chaos and danger down the road. pete: what if it is not water? you can't always know what that is. rudy giuliani had the broken window theory. small offenses you let people get away with to lead to culture of criminality. you say this is small offense. steamroll. ainsley: look at milkshaking. the next thing was the cement. pete: he is running for president. steve: yeah. there you go. all right, 8:12 here in new york city. carley joins us with news out of
5:13 am
iran. carley: we begin with a fox news alert. iran releasing brand new video of its military confronting a british oil tanker. >> this is iranian warship with a tanker of british heritage is -- you are ordered do not interfere in my operation. carley: radio conversation from a tense takeover. iran's revolutionary guard boarding the ship in the strait of hormuz. they call this reciprocal act after iranians seized a iranian tanker. an american teen accused of murdering an italian police officer is blindfolded. police admit it was illegal act. from seeing documents related to the investigation. the 18-year-old and classmate were on vacation in rome when
5:14 am
police say they called mario following a drug deal gone wrong. he was put to rest this morning. 2020 hopeful kamala harris released "medicare for all" plan ahead of the democratic debates. the 10-year plan woo reduce a proposed tax for middle-class families to pay for the program. and expand coverage capabilities to include emergency room visits and substance abuse treatment. the plan also allow as limited role for private insurance companies. harris will remain a cosponsor of bernie sanders's "medicare for all" bill. pga star brooks koepka shows up 45 minutes late to a tournament. it is no problem at all. >> he made two or three very good ones for par. it is -- [cheering] carley: there you have it, koepka beating out rory mckel
5:15 am
roy to win his first ever golf championship title in tennessee, shooting a 65 in the final round. koepka says he got there late because, oh, he didn't need time to warm-up. who needs that. he is on a roll, man. killing it. pete: was he late or -- carley: he didn't need the time. i'm sure made a couple people nervous. ainsley: we were watching it, two guys our family with friends w we were pulling for them. dad is saying i think there is one more tournament until they qualify for the big one. that is the best golfers in the country. they start narrowing them down. they are trying to qualify for the big one. carley: koepka is the one to watch out for. he is amazing. steve: carley, thank you. a shakeup in the intelligence community. director of intelligence dan coats is out. looks like texas congressman john radcliffe will take his job. ainsley: why the change? we're live at the white house. that's next.
5:16 am
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♪ steve: well a high-level shakeup in the intel community. national intel director dan coats, the man screen left, announcing he is leaving after two years. pete: president trump tapping texas congressman john radcliffe screen right to step into the role. ainsley: kevin corke live at the white house. what led to the president, the man in the middle, his choice. hey, kevin. reporter: always great to be with you. without being it too much ensigned that there might be a change the president would make. growing speculations perhaps more changes in leadership inside the ic that would be the intel community. let me take you to twitter. i'm announced to highly respected congressman john radcliffe will be nominated by me to the position of director of national intelligence. john will lead and inspire freightness for the count very loves. dan coats will the current
5:21 am
director will leave the office. i would like to thank dan for the great service to our country. the acting director will be named shortly. ratcliff burst on the scene during intense questioning of special counsel robert mueller this week. coats has been, well, a frequent counterbalance to president's intel pronouncements. which some argue put him at odds with the boss. here is the letter to the president. the intel community is stronger than ever, increasingly well-prepared to meet new challenges and opportunities. as we previously discussed i believe it is time to move on to the next chapter of my life, i hereby submit to you, my resignation effective august 15, 2019. we are digging just to see who might want to step into the breach in the short period between when coats leaves office on the 15th, when john ratcliffe would be approved for that position. we'll let you know if we find
5:22 am
out anything to that end. always stay with us because later today the president will sign the 9/11 victims compensation fund. that will be an event over in the rose garden. my colleague john roberts is in. he didn't bring me coffee but he is in. guys, back to you. >> that is definitely this afternoon, 3:30, something like that? reporter: no. bright and early. 10:00. see it on fox. steve: thank you, kevin. coming up on the telecast, rush limbaugh will join us in five minutes. we have lots to talk to el-rus hbo. ainsley: one lady says lady luck didn't make her successful. it was old hard fashioned work. senatorn- senator.
5:23 am
feel the clarity. and live claritin clear.
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♪ pete: welcome back, a couple quick headlines. canadian military joins a hunt for teen fugitives wanted for killing an american woman and her boyfriend. they are suspected of murdering a college lecturer. they're focusing on a small town in rural canada. a volunteer group thinks they spotted the bear at a landfill. the woman set to become puerto rico's governor doesn't want the job. justice secretary wanda vasquez is next in line to replace ricardo rossello. he resigned last week. vasquez she asked rossello to pick someone else. doesn't want the job. steve, down to you. steve: thank you, pete. feel like your luck has run out lately? our next guest says it doesn't really matter.
5:27 am
she is giving a message to college grads who think luck leads to luck ses. in a new op-ed, lady luck has not done much for me. she didn't answer the phone, didn't deal with customer complaints, but we hear how the successful are so lucky. dot-pro professors teach their students how to find luck? will the students forego hard work because they believe their fate depends on luck? the author of that op-ed, in "the wall street journal." a small business owner joins us here in new york city. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: you hear that a lot. that person was so successful. they must have been really lucky. >> that's true. but what is interesting usually they point to one or two incidents in the person's life. like, oh, this entrepreneur met an investor and then he got lucky. but what people forget is success is not dependent money
5:28 am
one incident in your life. it is years and years of working hard, making good decisions, dealing with problems. steve: where was lady luck when the hurricane impacted your business? >> it that's correct. it wasn't just the hurricane. my servers went down. we lost days of work. the employees had to redo. work. guess what happened a day later, the server was there then. lady luck was not there to plead with my employees spend your weeken redoing the work again. steve: where do you think it came from? that person ha been successful, forget about the hard work, they had the lucky streak that propelled them where they are? >> people don't see the hard work that goes into a business. it is easy just to see the success. this is coming from mostly the left. they don't want to acknowledge that people have the ability to
5:29 am
be successful. the left wants to believe, they want us to believe, that our fate is controlled by what happens to us, not what we do. steve: so, if you would be lucky if you had the realization, look, this will take a lot of work? >> oh, yeah, but the thing i want to remind people, it is not a one-time realization. it is something you have to realize every morning. you have to realize that when your employees call in sick, you will have to spend your weekend, making up for what your employees couldn't do. it is, you're going to have to spend, have that realization when a customer can sells an order, you have to go out to hustle new business and on and on. steve: it's a great on zed. folks can read about it in the pages of "wall street journal." >> thank you very much. steve: what do you think about that? email us at democrats digging into the
5:30 am
mueller probe after the hearing. rush says that is the bombshell the democrats are ignoring. >> there is no allegation that the conspiracy changed the vote couple or affected any election result. steve: rush will explain that. ♪ maria ramirez? hi. maria ramirez!
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♪ ♪ nothing but a good time steve: central park looking up the avenue of americas. "fox & friends," number one cable morning news show in america. ainsley: we work on the avenue of americas. we see the american flag. that reminds me of someone, mr. rush limbaugh, conservative radio talk show host needs no introduction because he is so famous. rush, good to see you. >> ainsley earhardt. just great to be back with you guys. it always is. ainsley: we love having you on. last time you were here you said the betsy ross t-shirt, tell us what it is for folks that are not familiar with it. has raised $2 million. you're donating that to fun fells for -- tunnels 2 towers.
5:35 am
>> this is great story. there is no reason to tear down our flags, and no reason to tear down betsy ross, an american hero. maybe one of the first feminists. so the thing happens with nike. they come out with a betsy ross tennis shoe. colin kaepernick doesn't like them. they shelf them. people are tired of this. they want a mechanism they can push back. we did a quick four-day turnaround. stand up for betsy ross t-shirt. made available at rush, the my website. we partnered with tunnel2towers. we would have been thrilled. nine or 10 days i was here, we were excited as we could be, $2 million. this is not a profit pursuit folks for us or the eib network. the proceeds go to the tunnel2towers foundation. i wanted to come back. i asked. this is really rare. i normally say no to tv i wanted
5:36 am
to come back to thank everybody, let you know it is still going. we're announcing the donation to tunnel2towers is up to $3 million. and counting. it is just, it is, it really is. it really is. and it is, there is no end in sight. we have knock-offs. i told you earlier there are over 225 knock-offs. now there are a couple out there that really crossed the line into what we think is sheer illegality we're tracking down. this is so big, all kind of fraudsters and bad guys are trying to get in on it to make money for themselves. but the proceeds -- everybody is cat gore rising this is a rush limbaugh donation. this is not. people are making that possible. steve: if they like more information go to rush limbaugh made out of the greatest cotton
5:37 am
in the history of the world i heard you say? >> it is unique. we had to buy up everyone of those blank shirts we can find in the country, if you make something available and claim it is something. better be that. we had to buy every size we can find. the vendor is running 24/7. this is hot. $3 million to a share on a 27-dollar item. i really have to thank all of you at fox for helping us with this. this is overwhelming. if this, if this money were going to some left-wing charity the drive-by media would be all over this. i would be on all the other networks instead of yours, which i wouldn't want to do. this is incredible how compartmentalized how things are. this is for people that want to push back a great t-shirt, quality, wash it 10 times, it looks brand new. to benefit tunnel2towers. they help 9/11 and first-responders and we love law
5:38 am
enforcement. we need to have the appreciation we have showed to them. that is part of what this is. pete: rush, indeed, congratulations on this amazing effort. $3 million. i can't even believe it. steve: pay off a lot of mortgages. >> less than a month, guys. barely over three weeks this happened. it is incredible. pete: really is. >> if this were a book, it would be on "the new york times" best-seller list over a year, guaranteed. ainsley: frank siller is at the white house today, rush. he will be there for the victim's compensation fund at 10:00 a.m. he is thrilled that there is another million dollars coming to his organization. >> and counting. pete: check it out. >> and counting. we had another multiple thousand weekend with not anybody even talking about it. people are being great. they're into this. it is a wonderful thing to be part of. steve: since we have you, we would like to talk about the news of the day. pete? pete: rush, over the weekend we talked a lot on "fox & friends"
5:39 am
about the battle over baltimore. president striking back at elijah cummings. he felt he was unfair in his accusations against the people on border, how about your backyard in baltimore? predictably, the left-wing media, drive-by media calling president trump a racist. they missed one thing, rush. >> of course. pete: bernie sanders in december of 2015 had this to say about the conditions in baltimore. listen. >> anyone who took the walk that we talk, we took around this neighborhood would not think you're in a wealthy nation. you would think you were in a third world country. what we're talking about is a community in which half of the people don't have jobs. we're talking about -- [applause] we're talking about a community which hundreds of buildings that are uninhabitable. pete: bernie can say it, rush, but not the president? >> guess who is running these
5:40 am
places. it is not just baltimore. go to any place. there are certain things you're not supposed to say. you're not supposed to criticize anything the democrats run. you're not supposed to criticize anything where minorities are involved because that is automatically labeled racist. i will tell you right up front the president is not a racist. he didn't say anything racist. he didn't call -- he called cummings a racist after cummings reacted. looks, folks, destroyed, flint, los angeles, san francisco, massive homeless problems. wherever you find this decadent decay, you're going to find democrats having run the operation or the city, the state, whatever it is, the county for decades. and democrats have this magic bullet that, this magic boundary they are the ones who own compassion. they care and love people. care about it. so you're not allowed to criticize them. trump, this is classic pushback. people elected trump. this is exactly why. push back against conventional
5:41 am
wisdom. push back against -- elijah cummins and these guys can have a free ride at trump. they're criticizing him for being mean to the border. subpoenaing his family. they won't give up the russia thing. it is 2 1/2 years they are trying to run donald trump out of office. if i were him i would be fed up here. what he is saying the absolute truth. but it is not supposed to be said about any place where the democrats are in charge. this is what you get if you elect democrats, there is to no opposition, there is no pushback, no balance of power. this is exactly, because the democrats want people in need. the democrats need people unable to provide for themselves. the democrats need a permanent underclass of people that are incapable of self-reliance. so these situations are allowed to fester. the democrats get to claim that they are compassionate and that they care but they never do anything that actually improves the quality of the lives of
5:42 am
their constituent. their constituents are unhappy the today as they were 50 years ago. the democrats take everyone of these minority groups votes for granted. it is about time somebody pushed back against the real human misery that results from unchecked democrat leftist control and power. i like it. steve: president has been pushing back today on twitter. i doubtless he will do more own that. rush, let's move on to russia. we saw finally mr. mueller testify. it did not go the way the democrat thought it was going to go. you read the book. now you will see the movie. the movie, not a good movie. you wanted to point out a consequential sound bite from the last year, rod rosenstein, former deputy attorney general said this about the investigation into russian tampering. >> there is no allegation in this indictment that any american citizen committed a crime. there is no allegation that the
5:43 am
conspiracy changed the vote count or affected any election result. so -- steve: what is the significance of that? >> when he said that, he said that in july of 2018, announcing the indictment of the russian troll farms. the russians. only time the russians ever made this case was that troll farm. rosenstein announces not a single american was involved. not a single vote was changed. no election out come was altered. now the reason this is important is because the democrats will not let go of this whole collusion and obstruction narrative. there is polling data out there you guys, it shows that 42% of the american people believe that the russians tampered with vote machines. that they actually altered votes. they didn't. there was none, there was no collusion anymore than there always is. the russians are always trying to infiltrate america. they have been since i have been alive, not just the russians. the chicoms, the north koreans, the cubans.
5:44 am
we're constantly under this kind of attack. democrats want you to think this is something brand new never happened before, that trump worked with putin to steal the election. at no time, the senate intel committee on friday, put out a report, russian interference, was unprecedented, if you read long enough in the report, not a single vote was changed. no outcome of any election was affected. so what are we talking about? if nothing happened, then why this big hullabaloo? nobody talks about this rosenstein sound bite. this the russian indictments were announced. these are pr indictments. they would never be dragged into court for charges. this is way for investigator to link russia to this, to this day they don't have any evidence to the sort that anything ever happened. thanks for allowing me to bring the sound bite here. there is one another if you have it, if you have time.
5:45 am
if you don't. do you have it? ainsley: we have it. this is from 2016. >> let it rip. this is obama in what -- ainsley: 2018. >> three weeks before the election. 2016. let it rip. >> there is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that that you could even rig america's elections, in part because they're so decentralized and numbers of votes involved. there is no evidence that that has happened in the past or that, that there are instances that will happen this time. >> three weeks before the election. it is not possible. because we don't have a single presidential race. we have 50-state elections. so, you realize how bogus all of this has been, starting at the central contention that the russians somehow changed the outcome of our election when
5:46 am
they didn't. when even obama says it is not possible. pete: at this point barack obama thought hillary clinton would win. that was the context. as soon as that didn't happen, they took everything they could to flip it around. >> that is a very good point because they didn't want anybody, they didn't want anything tainting her election. so they were downplaying this russia thing. the point obama was telling the truth. the russians still haven't managed to change a vote or alter the outcome of an election. it still hasn't happened. it is really frustrating to me, they convinced american people in large numbers otherwise. the democrats and mueller and all of these people working with him have done more to destroy the integrity of our electoral process than anything the russians or putin could have ever dreamed about doing. steve: but rush, isn't what we hear about the president and democrats and russia collusion, and obstruction of justice, isn't that primarily just to damage him on the route to 2020. >> well of course, they want to
5:47 am
impeach him, they want to get him out of office. i think they're living in a delusional hatred in their inability to beat him in 2016. then to get rid of him. they can get rid of whoever they want, republican party. they launched everything they got. they can't get rid of trump. this report, it was geared, written for congress, for congress to pick the up, run impeachment proceedings, never drop the so-called investigation of trump, in the process you guys, they are lying to the american people about what happened. anytime you try to convince the american people that a presidential election is illegitimate, they did it after 2,000. after the florida recount, they tried to say that george w. bush's administration is illegitimate because he was the winner by virtue of a supreme court rig. they can't accept losing elections in the process. they are destroying the integrity -- everybody thinks the russians are already working on destroying the 2020 election.
5:48 am
and there is no evidence for this. and drive-by media is just as cullable as the democrats on this. it is tremendous lie, great disservice done to entire great country by the people on the left conspiring to claim that a bunch of things happened here that didn't. for which there still isn't a shred of evidence, not one. steve: there is a lot of evidence that people really embraced your stand up for betsy ross t-shirt which benefits tunnels 2 towers. if you want your own copy. go to rush limbaugh >> there are so many knock-offs. only place to make sure you get it, proceeds go to tunnel2towers, go to the rush limbaugh store. we owe you such a debt for letting us use this opportunity to push this it is such a great
5:49 am
charity. ainsley: we're all a family. we're all pro-america. >> that's right, we are. ainsley: we remember 9/11. we love frank siller. he turned something so horrible that happened to his family into something so positive. he is helping other families. we get the opportunity to send $27. thank you for setting it up. pete: thank you, rush. >> he is doing the lord's work. ainsley: so are you. pete: always great to have the golden microphone on fox. steve: rush limbaugh takes the airwaves on radio coast to coast in three hours and 11 minutes on the eib broadcasting network. pete: that's right. summer on another topic. heating up already hot. will stay hot. you can stay cool and save money. skip bedell has the gear to help you out next. steve: let's check in with sandra smith. hello. >> good morning, everybody, good monday morning. a video of gunman opening fire at a food festival in california. we have a news conference.
5:50 am
the feud between elijah cummings and president. the words heating up over baltimore as the president doubles down this morning. why keeping your doctor is getting more and more difficult for some patients. how 2020 could have a big impact on that. dr. siegel will join us. bill bennett is here. donna brazile is the headliner. the a-team is on deck. the team is back together. join bill and me to kick off a brand new week top of the hour. here, it all starts with a simple...
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♪ >> i want this. i am going to get this. it is so cool.
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i go for the every 10-year policy. >> all right. >> you've got to know. >> check it once a month. this will tell you. >> have a great monday, everybody. >> have a great monday. we will see you tomorrow. >> bill: thanks, guys. stunning video of chaos. a california festival after a opened fire. when the shooting was over, three people are dead, including a 6-year-old boy. plus, the shooter. police looking for the suspect. i am bill hemmer as we begin. >> sandra: good morning, bill. good morning everyone. i'm sandra smith. shots ringing out, an event known to draw more than 100,000 people to the city. they got around security by cutting through a fence and began firing


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